Subject: Math - Grade(s): 7th Grade

Mr. Matthew Suits - BA

Welcome to Mr. Suits' classroom website.  Here you can find the course syllabus, grading rubric, online textbook, and other helpful resources.  

Our  curriculm is called Big Ideas. Students will have access to the textbook and journal online! There are extra tutorials and examples for each lesson! 

****To access the Dynamic Textbook:

  1. Students should log into their Adams12 Google Account
  2. Once logged into AD12 google, go to clever.com/in/ad12portal
  3. Click "Log in with Clever"
  4. Students' Username is their district student ID number
  5. Students' Password is their district password
  6. The first time you log into Clever, it will ask your permission to access your Google Account.  Click on Allow.
  7. Click the "Big Ideas Learning" Logo

Here's a link for free graph paper

Improve your MAPS Scores before moving onto 8th grade - visit the two websites below for help.

Check out this link for EVERY Math Resource possible!!! :)

Parents and students, please feel free to contact me with questions and comments.



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