Subject: Math - Grade(s): 8th Grade

We're going to karate chop some math problems!

Welcome to Ms. Kitt's 8th Grade Math Class! I am very excited to work with you and your families this year!

I am always available to answer your questions via email or phone call.

I offer extra help EVERY morning at 7:40 in my classroom F104. You MUST have a pass to get into the building, so email me or get a signed pass the day before. Friday mornings will be Math Counts meetings, but you're more than welcome to come get some help then too! After school help is sometimes available, but you must make an appointment with me prior to that day via email.

Students: Access your textbook online here

HEY PARENTS: Don't forget that there's a parent portal for the new Big Idea Math Curriculum.

Assessment Retake Policy:

  • Summative assessments that qualify for a “retake” must be completed within a week of the date the assessment was given back.

  • Student growth must be shown in order to reassess.  Growth includes meaningful corrections on the failed assessment, and completion of a study packet to review the material being assessed.

  • The practice packet and grade tracker (in notebook) must be signed by a parent/guardian in order to retake summative assessment.

  • Teachers may choose to not allow a reassessment if at least two or more opportunities will be offered for the skills to be demonstrated in future assessments, OR two or more opportunities have already occurred.

  • A schedule for retakes outside of the school day will be posted. Students who would like to retake must attend one of the scheduled retake dates.

** Utilize your resources: Khan Academy, my website, extra help, Infinite Campus, the Core Calendar, get skill builders on www.mathsmate.com and of course, friends & family :)

  • Here's a link for free graph paper
  • MAPS Practice Websites:Try your best to improve your MAPS score here!

The Course Syllabus is attached ;)