7th Grade - Colorado

7th Grade - Colorado

7th Grade - Colorado Classrooms

Ms. Pearson's Class

"Where the world is open to our exploration."

Course Overview:  Seventh grade Geography students should be able to: ● Seek out and evaluate multiple historical sources (both primary and secondary) with different points of view to investigate a historical question and to formulate and defend a...

Mr. Schmidt's Class

Welcome to 7th grade Life Science! Open your eyes to the life all around you.

All About Me Explorer Text  From Bacteria To Plants                                                         Intro to plants Cells and Heredity                                                                   Cell Structures and Functions Human...

Ms. Stratton's Class

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. -Dorothy Parker

Language and Literature is a place for students to grow their minds as they turn pages and sneak peeks into other lives. It is a class that deconstructs language, puts a magnifying glass to words in search of the technique, the art, and the meaning...

Mr. Suits' Class

Mr. Matthew Suits - BA

Welcome to Mr. Suits' classroom website.  Here you can find the course syllabus, grading rubric, online textbook, and other helpful resources.   Our  curriculm is called Big Ideas. Students will have access to the textbook and journal online! There...