8th Grade - Freedom

Grade(s): 8th Grade

"Freedom is not the right to do what we want, but what we ought." - Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to Freedom Core!

We look forward to all of the fun things that 8th graders do in their final year in middle school! 

  • XCEL Energy Day Of Service: 9/10/16
  • A Christmas Carol at DCPA: 12/8/16
  • Wreaths Across America: 12/17/16
  • Junior Achievement Field Trip: 1/30/17
  • 8th Gr. Community & Service Project 4/20/17
    • ​5:30-6:00: Set up your area, stand by your project

      6:00-6:20: Last names A-H may walk around to other projects
      6:20-6:40: Last names I-Q may walk around to other projects
      6:40-7:00: Last names R-Z  may walk around to other projects
           ** Please be at your trifold at all other times!
      7:00: Clean up all of your area

  • Civil War Reenactment 4/27/17
  • Poetry Slam April 2017
  • Elitch Gardens 5/22/17

The 8th Grade project is an ongoing - All year project that the students need to be working on. We have made many different check-in points to help them break up the project into something more manageable. Below are the strict due dates. Please help your students turn in assignments on the due dates. All assignments will require your signature:

  • 9/16: Investigation Questions (pg 2-3)
  • 9/30: Global Contexts and Types of Service (pg 4-8) - Summative Grade in Math & Science
  • 10/17: Draft of Proposal (pg 9-10)
  • 10/28: FINAL draft of proposal - Typed up & Attached to pg 9-10 - Summative Grade in Language Arts & Individuals and Societies
  • 10/28: Mentor Agreement signed
  • 11/28: Process Journal Entry # 1
  • 1/4: Process Journal Entry # 2
  • 1/30: Process Journal Entry # 3
  • 2/27: Process Journal Entry # 4
  • 4/4: Process Journal Entry # 5
  • Week of 4/17-4/20: Final report Presentation to class
  • 4/20: Project Night: mandatory attendance

Please contact your student's first hour teach with any questions about the 8th grade project

Attached is the Core Policies


8th Grade - Freedom Classrooms

Mr. Grapner's Class

Stories About Dead Dudes

Welcome!  This year, we will focus on American History in our IB Individuals and Societies curruculum during the 8th grade year.  That's a fancy way of saying we will learn about the many pieces of American History from the beginnings of the...

Mr. Justis' Class

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

Welcome to 8th grade Language and Literature.  Throughout the year we will be focusing on improving our writing skills in both form (conventions and orginization) and content.  This year we will specifically focus on analysis of structure and...

Ms. Kitt's Class

We're going to karate chop some math problems!

Welcome to Ms. Kitt's 8th Grade Math Class! I am very excited to work with you and your families this year! I am always available to answer your questions via email or phone call. I offer extra help EVERY morning at 7:40 in my classroom F104. You...

Mr. Sweeney's Class

"The important thing is to never stop questioning" -Albert Einstein

As a science, physics addresses the underlying forces and laws that make everything happen. In my class, students will learn how to probe the deepest and most meaningful questions that have been asked by using the scientific method and by tapping...