Mr. Schmidt's Class

Mr. Schmidt's Class


Subject: Science - Grade(s): 7th Grade

Welcome to 7th grade Life Science! Open your eyes to the life all around you.

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Explorer Text 

From Bacteria To Plants                                                         Intro to plants

Cells and Heredity                                                                   Cell Structures and Functions

Human Biology and Health                                                   Food and Digestion
                                                                                                     Fighting Disease

Environmental Science                                                            Changes Over Time

 Worksheets/Packets will be found through                     
 the Explorer Text       
Docs for science class:

 Safety Checklist


Science Vocabulary to know:
Most vocab for the year
Lab safety simplified
Web sites:

Biology 4 Kids

Science comparisons
Discovery Education

Cells alive

The Encyclopedia of Science


Cell and cell Processes
    Structures of Life
    Cellular Respiration
    Cell Theory
    Osmosis and Diffusion

Human Body

Atoms and Molecules
    Atoms and Molecules

7th Grade IBMYP Science 2015-2016 Syllabus

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