Subject: Math - Grade(s): 6th Grade

Math is like going to the gym for your brain. It sharpens your mind. -Danica McKellar

(This website is being remodelled, so please excuse the mess, but check back often for changes made for the new school year.  Many tabs to the right are going to start changing.)

Welcome to our 6th grade math world....aka....Brain Gym time.  

NEW  2016-2017 Syllabus for Math                                   Looking for a brain workout?   I love this site:  http://www.conceptispuzzles.com/


How Do I Watch My Grade?

Big Ideas Math Book Online - go up to LINKS tab at the top of page....you will find a link to BIG IDEAS on the right side of new page.   You must log in to your gmail account first. 

BUZZMATH  to join  use this link once with the correct activation code below.    Then in the future, to get back to Buzzmath use link at bottom of this page.

Period 1 code:  ACC8-7E45

Period 2 code:  4FBC-BE8B

Period 5 code:  F3EB-33D8

Period 6 code:  4B2E-BEBD


* Students can also find out homework here on this site, or in the notebook table of contents AND planner where I ask them to copy it down at the beginning of every class period.

Daily Practice will be documented as turned in, missing, or turned in- late, turned in- incomplete.    Practice Assessments will have rubric scores which should increase over time.

Final Assessments will have rubric scores and can be revisited for improvement to raise scores. These will be used to determine your student's FINAL MARK at the end of the semester to indicate the overall proficiency level of your student.  

GRAPH PAPER  (to print)

MAPS GAMES GROWTH PRACTICE---Want to improve your MAPS score with fun math games????   click here   and use your score to figure out which link to choose.

NEW PARCC practice Test  (replacing TCAP/CSAP)   For each grade level/answer key available

Colorado Math Standards for 6th Grade   

Khan Academy (6th grade math)  (don't Login...use your google!)

Learnzillion  (students will get  code to enter for specific items, that doesn't require login)


(labyrinth login is your last name and the first three letters of your first name - no capitals or spaces,  password is your ID #)

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