Subject: Science - Grade(s): 7th Grade

Enter my room with an Observant Mind...

I believe in getting kids outside to learn about Science! We live an an amazing state with beautiful scenery and sunny weather so why not be outside as much as possible? :) 

Everest Core has a year-end Science field trip to Eldorado Canyon State Park (south of Boulder). This will be the 14th year I have taken kids hiking here to learn about Ecosystems, biotic/ abiotic factors, energy flow through food chains and food webs. 

This year the Everest Core is teaming up with the Zero Gravity Core to care for, plant, prep for winter, and do maintence and upkeep on Century's 2 flower beds (one to the north of the building and the other at the main enterance). This is part of our "Service and Action" project for MYP and it is called- Operation: FLOWER POWER. While caring for the flowers and the beds, we also take our "Variables" lesson and our "Plant Unit" outside to study up close: different types of plant growth rates, the parts of flowers, and independent variables that affect our flower beds and the dependent variables that are the result of those changes. 

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