Ms. Lee's Tech Class

Ms. Lee's Tech Class


Subject: Technology - Grade(s): 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

Welcome to Design - Tech Ed

Technology classes focus on using the Design Cycle and appropriate technology tools to complete assigned projects. All projects will be assessed using the Design Assessment Criterion and will meet the Adams12 Technology Standards. Design technology enables students to use a variety of materials in the creation of products/solutions to perform a task or meet a need. Students will attend my class for one semester.

Students will access the projects for Design Tech from their Google Classroom account.

Parents, please check your child's marks in Infinite Campus often. I try to assess and update marks as timely as possible after your child has correctly submitted their class work. Click here for important information about your child's Design Tech Class.

The syllabus for this class is attached below.

2016 syllabus for Design.pdf229.61 KB