Subject: Language & Literature - Grade(s): 7th Grade

We are as indestructible as we believe ourselves to be- John Green


Within this page, you will find important information regarding classroom policies and links/resources we use, in class.

Make sure you subscribe to the Zero Gravity CORE calendar, so you are always in the know of what is happening, in class, and important due dates!! :)

Communication: Communicating with teachers and your student are vital to their continued academic success. I am always available via e-mail(my preference) or phone. Please allow me 24 hours to reply. I am much quicker with e-mails.

Make sure you are checking your student's:

-Agenda (used to keep track of their daily activities and homework)

-Grades on Infinite Campus

Extra Help: I am available for extra help daily before school or during lunch. After school availability is limited. Students MUST make an appointment with me, 24 hours in advance, if they plan on coming in for any of these.

Language Arts Retake Policy: Students are allowed to retake any assessment that scores below grade level (3 or lower) other than district mandated ones (MAPS and DWA, which don't allow for any retakes). To do so, students must fill out a retake form and returned to myself 48 hours before the retake is to be given. If a student would like to conference on the errors within their assessment, they may do so by setting up an appointment to meet with me. I am available at the times provided in "Extra Help."

Late Work Policy: I do not accept any late work past the due date for practice assignments. The only late work allowed is a retake for an assessment.


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