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Mrs. Anderson's Class


"Math teachers are pirates and they just want us to find X so they can find the treasure!"

Welcome to Mrs. Anderson's classroom website!  I hope this is easy for you to use and to find all the information that you need! Contact me if you have any questions

Virtual "online" Learning Info:

All online instruction and information can be found in students Google Classroom accounts.  I will be posting weekly assignments that will start on Mondays and be due on Fridays.  Each weeks content should take student no more than 2 - 2 1/2 hours each week to complete.  Attendence will be taken on Friday evenings at the end of each week.  Please reference my office hours on the Galileo Core homepage.

Study Session:

Every Tuesday after school until 4:30pm.  Students should come to my room after the final bell of the day.

All students are welcome!  Students may use this session to use techology, get help on homework/assignments, and to retake any summative assessment that were given in class.

If you are unable to attend a study session at the above time, please let me know and we can always arrange another possible time.  Comet Cafe is also available as well as Mrs. Wilson on Wednesday mornings.

Big Ideas Website/Homework Site:     (This webiste is only supported by Google Chrome....Please download if needed.)

Big Ideas Math will be the new website your student will be using to access their online textbook/online journal, homework, video tutorials, learning tools, online math games, key vocabuary review and almost anything else your student might need throughout a unit.  This online resources is absolutely awesome if your student is ever absent.  Students will be able to login and access the lesson and all practice materials for that day.

Student & Parent login information:

  • Students must log into their Adams12 gmail account first (this can be found under the "links" tab on the main Century page.  Students use their ID number as their logins and whatever password they created.)
  • Students need to open a new tab and then go the "Clever" or click the link above.  They will automatically be logged into the Big Ideas Website through their open Gmail account.

Homework Expectations:

  • Homework is assigned Monday through Friday unless there is an assessment on one of those days.  
  • All homework is done ONLINE through the above website and ALL work is shown in the students composition notebook.
  • If a student does not have access to technology and is unable to attend the above study sessions times/Comet Cafe, that student will be given 5-10 minutes of class time to log their answers to their homework online.
  • Homework is concidered practice and is not used towards the students final mark.  However, students will not be given a retake opportunity on any summative assessment if their homework assignments are incomplete.
  •  Homework will be logged in Infinit Campus either as a T (for turned in) or as a M (for missing/not completed).  Any homework that is completed at a 70% or lower will be entered as a M (missing) because students are given unlimited opportunities to to solve a problem as well as online tutoring help.

Homework Example:  see attachments below!


Students will be given:

*Big Ideas Math textbook (this is theirs to take home for support and should be brought to class on a daily basis.)

*Big Ideas Math journal (this will never leave the classroom and is used daily for math practice.)

Supporting Websites:  Prodigy - Math Practice by Standards!/curriculum/CCRVO150/grade/common-core-5th-grade/subject/all-subjects  Buzzmath Free Account  (Ch. 5: Ratios & Proportions) (MAPS Differentiation) (PARCC practice website)

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
File BigIdeas online homework letter to parents.docx14.56 KB08/12/2018
File Math Criterion A Year 1.docx28.12 KB07/31/2018
File Math Criterion B Year 1.docx28.6 KB07/31/2018
File Math Criterion C Year 1.docx28.44 KB07/31/2018
File Math Criterion D Year 1.docx28.61 KB07/31/2018
Microsoft Office document icon Grade 6 Math 2018-19 Syllabus.doc195.5 KB08/13/2018
PDF icon Homework Example.pdf56.77 KB10/01/2018

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