Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Student Support Services Classrooms

Mr. Belanger's Class

Enter Your Mind Palace!

Welcome to Mr. Belanger's Website.  This is my seventeenth year of teaching and my eleventh year at Century Middle School.  I have taught all grade levels from 6th grade up to college. Writing is my passion, and I love sharing this with students.  I...

Ms. Cohn's Class


I teach English/Language Arts to 8th grade students, and also provide support to students in a variety of classes, primarily in reading, written language, and mathematics. Check this page for Useful Resources for students and parents. Please note...

Ms. Craig's Class

"Show what you know!"

Hello!  My name is Debbie Craig, and I am the Significant Support Needs provider for Century Middle School, grades 6, 7, and 8. Please  read below to find contact information and a brief biography which covers 30 years in the field of education...

Mrs. Floyd's Classroom

coming soon

Mrs. Floyd's Website     email me at: 

Ms. Golden's Class

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from a book.

Math Skills class meets 5th period each day.  Students have the opportunity to build a solid foundation of basic math skills in Math Skills through their participation in the Number Worlds curriculum.  This curriculum includes targeted instructions...

Mrs. Novak's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Novak's Skills Classes

Hi!  I am Tanya Novak and I am the 6th grade Literacy Specialist.  I am in my 2nd full year here at Century, and really enjoy my colleagues and the students.  I teach two classes: Supplanted English/Language Arts and Supplemental Math Skills. This...

Ms. Smith's Classroom

Let it Go!!!

Affective Needs