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Mr. Garner's Class

Individuals & Societies


I will be using Google Classroom for assignments. I will check attendance through Online Digital Learning Reflections, which are to be completed on Friday. 

I will be using Zoom to interact with students and provide necessary support and instruction. I will host Zoom meetings and post link to Google Classroom for students to join and ask questions or see familiar faces.  Morning Session=10-11 AM, Afternoon Session=2-3 PM, Evening Session=7-8 PM. Mon and Fri will have all 3 sessions, Tue and Thur will only have the Morning and Afternoon session. There are no Zoom sessions on Wednesday. 

1) Monday: Digital Assignments are assigned to students via Google Classroom (Assignments due by Sunday)

2) Friday: Complete Online Digital Learning Reflection (Google Form via Google Classroom) 

3) Sunday: Digital Assignments are due to Mr.G via Google Classroom. 

Hello! In this class we will explore the history of the Eastern Hemisphere from the beginning of time (13.8 Billion Years Ago) to Modern Globalization (Present Time). We will study important information, ideas, and individuals from civilizations of the past including but not limited to Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Mongolia, Japan, Africa, and Europe!

Keep an open mind, and always be respectful to yourself and eachother. Are you ready to think, learn, and grow?

Below you will find a link to the Syllabus for this class!