April Health & Wellness Challenge

Century Students and Staff are on a mission to get ACTIVE!

We are challenging you to track your activity and submit your logs to have a chance win a prize!

Each month, there will be a new challenge!

The March Challenge is to Complete a Mini Triathalon

Our triathlon will include 60 miles on a bike, 20 miles of walking or jogging, and an additional 6 hours or activity (could be swimming, football, basketball, soccer, etc.)

In order to participate and be entered into the prizes drawing, an activity log must be filled out completely, and it must be submitted to the appropriate box located in the main office.  Participants must also submit some form of visual proof of the activity to the email address: cms-hw@adams12.org (one email per participant).  Visual proof may consist of pictures, videos, screenshots of apps tracking the activity (these must be used with a parent/guardian consent and supervision-we are not encouraging nor promoting and apps), or any other “visual” method you feel is appropriate. Remember both paper log and visual proof are required in order to win prizes.

The welcome letter and the month's log is attached!

Go out and get MOVING!