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Congratulations to Rayne - District Recognition!

We am pleased to announce that the Engagement Campaign Recognition for CEM 8th grader, Rayne Gillette has been posted on the Engagement Campaign website .

A question posed by educators every school year is "how do we engage our students and families?" While many tools, resources, and techniques are put in place to address this question, in the end connecting with families and fostering a sense of community is key to engagement. 

For this initiative we have chosen to define engagement as building strong relationships between students, teachers, families, and school. By highlighting successes and the creative ways that individuals are demonstrating school engagement, we hope to encourage and develop strong connections between schools and the broader community. Student engagement is a key element of a positive school climate, with a large body of research linking it to academic achievement. We ask you to join us in acknowledging and recognizing these moments of engagement...

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