Our Principal

On behalf of the staff, we welcome you to Century Middle School.  We sincerely hope that you will feel a part of our school and that your troubles will be few, your pleasures many, and that your years here are filled with success and happiness.

Our Mission Statement, “Century Middle School provides opportunities, expectations and support for each student to achieve academic excellence” is one we take quite seriously. We are an International Baccalaureate Middle School Years Programme (MYP) that strives to develop students to be an active part of the ever changing world in which we live. “The programme challenges students to think critically, develop respect for different points of view, and embrace a lifelong journey of learning, hard work and academic excellence.”

We have also taken an active role in producing 21st Century Learners by engaging students in being a very active part of the learning process. We are expanding the use of “Blended Learning” and the use of technology in the classrooms that allow students to use these tools and learning approachesto solve problems that they are faced with today and in the future. They use technology, cooperative groups, and various forms of media to identify a need, research resources, and devise possible solutions to the task at hand. Classes no longer consist of teachers lecturing students and imparting knowledge. Student needs and curricular frameworks drive the process with students at the center and teachers as a resource and facilitator.

This is a very exciting time in education and we would like to have parents be an active part of the process. Your real world experiences would be a great resource for students and teachers as we push forward in 21st Century Learning. Please feel free to share any ideas with your children’s teachers.


Have a Great Year!

Howard Holbrook, Principal

Century Middle School