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Mr. Lahman's Class

Physical Education


Welcome to Mr. Lahman's PE Class!  I have been at Century Middle School since Fall 2016 and am excited to expand on what my students learned in the past.  Students will be learning a wide range of skills while receiving the knowledge on how to be physically active not just in their middle school years, but throughout their lives.  We do require our students to wear a PE uniform for class, there are several different colored shirts and black shorts, the cost is $7.50 for the shirt (required) and $7.50 for the shorts (optional as students can bring their own athletic shorts/leggings/sweatpants as long as they are designated for PE use only) which can be paid to the main office or using the PayForIt link at the bottom of the page.

I enjoy an active lifestyle including hiking, camping, softball, social sports leagues, going to the gym, and really any type of competition as well as coaching baseball at Horizon High School.  While I want my students to enjoy competition and use it as motivation, it is important that Sportsmanship is at the forefront in my class.  I have high expectations of effort and mutual respect.  Students who work hard and show respect towards their peers and teachers will absolutely love my class.  We will be assessing students on their knowledge and understanding of concepts, their planning for performing activities or skills, their ability to apply what they have learned into a performance, and their ability to reflect on their performance.

By the end of this school year, my students will have a wide range of knowledge on team activities, individual/dual activities, and fitness concepts that they can use throughout their lives.  I want my students to enjoy my class because if they aren't enjoying it now, they won't have the motivation to continue those activities later in life, so make sure that you're ready to work hard, laugh, and have fun when you come to my class!