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Mrs. Stelling's Class


Welcome to Science on Socrates Core!

We are going to have an amazing, full, and wonderful year of learning together! So, get ready, get set, it's go time!

If you are absent from class or need extra time with the material, or you are wondering what we are doing in class, check the Socrates Core CALENDAR. On the calendar, you will find a daily post with details (documents, weblinks, video links, class notes, etc.) about the day's lessons. Check it out! Each post will be marked with "Science" and then a brief few words that describe the day's main topics. Enjoy!

ALSO! Since we are actively using our Google Classroom on a weekly basis. I encourage all students who have smart phones to download the Google Classroom App for their device. This is a perfect way to stay on top of assignments, complete work, and view important class-specific information. Download, and then show me your phone. I want to see Google Classroom on your home screen! Your phone is a computer and can be used for academic purposes (not just playing games). Let's be academic!

Sixth Grade Science forms the foundation for students' science learning through middle school and into high school and beyond. At the ground level, we learn what it means to be a scientists, how we practice science, the ways in which science impacts our lives, and how we can contribute to scientific understanding in our world. I aim to nurture students' natural curiosity for the world they live in through inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students will keep an interactive science notebook in class where they will ask questions, process their thinking, practice new skills, and formulate solutions to problems. Science is the integration and application of skills learned in so many other classes. With this in mind, students will be required to apply their literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as their mathematic skills of analyzing problems and finding appropriate solutions, graphing, and interpreting data. 

Please, check your progress regularly using the Student Portal or Parent Portal. Students should expect to see feedback from me in the form of grades and comments on their assignments in the portal. These updates occur on a regular basis. Monthly notifications of updates will be emailed to you reminding you to log in and check students' current grades.

I am available for a tutorial session each Wednesday morning from 7:45 - 8:15 a.m. Students who plan to attend will need to get a signature from me in their plan book in order to enter the building. They will need to get a signature on Monday or Tuesday so that they may attend on Wednesday morning.  

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