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Beyond the Science Classroom

Opportunities to Grow Your Science Understanding

Click here to link to the Alfred Wegener video that you all LOVED from class on January 4! :)

Click here to link to the Japanese Earthquakes Video we watched in class. 

Free simulations for students! We have used the PhET site in class and will continue to do so as we move through the year. There are far more simulations than we could ever explore during class, however. Jump on the site, search for science topics of interest, or just try one at random. Let us know what you're able to learn! You will have to download the simulations and some require Adobe Flash. There is a new app coming out, as well. It should be available any day now. It is intended for use on iPads. Look for it in iTunes or in the App Store.

Discovery Ed - You all have a membership! Get on Discovery Education's Tech Book to broaden your understanding of what we are learning in class, or to find out about other areas of science that spark your interest. Your log-in is your Adams 12 district email address and password is "century." You will be personally greeted when you sign in. Let us know what you're able to find out on this site!