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This Week in Science - 8/29-9/2

Open this page to find out what is happening in class each day.

Monday - 8/29

Reflect on our data and results from Friday's Helicopter Experiment, discuss what could have affected our results, choose another experimental change that we can make for a second Helicopter Experiment. Write questions, set up data tables, and write procedures for Helicopter Experiment II.

Tuesday - 8/30

Answer questions about the set up and procedures for the day's experiment. Run Helicopter Experiment II in our lab groups. Analyze results, starting to use Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning for writing Scientific Explanations.

Wednesday - 8/31

Exercises in "Accountable Talk" to work in the IB Learner Profile of "Communicator." Work in collaborative groups to practice literacy skills (speaking and listening) and then set up Interactive Science Notebooks with a page for reference.

Thursday - 9/1

Global Contexts - Guest Teacher, Holly Jones

Friday - 9/2 

Global Contexts - Processing activity for students to take further ownership of Global Contexts as they impact our learning in the IB environment. See the notes on the Calendar for further description and attached documents that can help you finish this work.

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