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This Week in Science - 9/12-9/16

Monday 9/12 - Students will use the Scientific Process with a demonstration investigation in class. They will practice the various steps involved in planning, carrying out, and evaluating the results of an investigation. Mrs. Stelling will model this process.

Tuesday 9/13 - Students will work to plan their own science investigation using the Scientific Process. They will work through the first several steps: Problem, Background Knowledge/Research, Hypothesis, Materials, and Procedures.

Wednesday 9/14 - Lab Safety - Students will review safety precautions in class, learn about proper procedures, and receive a copy of a Safety Contract. This will need to be signed and returned (as homework) on Thursday, 9/15. 

Thursday 9/15 - Students will carry out the "Observation" phase of the Scientific Process, gathering data and running multiple trials with their group.They will evaluate their investigation by completing the Conclusion/Inference and writing New Questions. They will also reflect on their investigation, considering what Global Context and which Learner Profiles they feel most apply to their investigation. 

Friday 9/16 - Students will have a brief, formative assessment of the Scientific Process. This will mark the end of our first unit and transition us to our next unit on Matter and Water.