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This Week in Science - 9/6-9/9

a brief description of the work we are doing this week

Monday - 9/5 - No School

Tuesday - 9/6 - Science Pre-test. Students who are absent can access the test through the Google Classroom. This is a pre-test (not for a grade). Every question must be answered. Students are not allowed to get help of any kind, if they're taking it at home/as a make-up.

Wednesday - 9/7 - Science Pre-test #2. Students will write a response to a question, using an article (provided). Students will be given the whole class period for this task. This is an early release day.

Thursday - 9/8 - Variables - Students will receive back some work from last week. We will begin discussing different types of variables and experimental design. Students will practice identifying variables, deciding what needs to be held constant, and what it means to have a control in their experiment. See below for a copy of the homework assignment students will receive in class - DUE on Friday, 9/9!!

Friday - 9/9 - The Scientific Process - Students will take notes on the basic steps of the scientific process. We will then use a demonstration for students to apply their new knowledge about variables, constants, controls, as well as what we have already introduced about observation and inference, writing scientific procedures, collecting and recording data, and writing scientific explanations for our results. 

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