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Weekly Update - 10/10-10/14

This page helps students and families know what is happening in science for the week.

Monday - 10/10/16

Students will begin reviewing in class for their upcoming summative assessment over chemical and physical change. We will update our "Summary Tables" in our Science Notebooks. Students will assess their own understanding of the Performance-Based Learning Outcomes on their page in their notebooks. Finally, students will begin their group posters to explain what happened on our "Candle Ramp" demonstration using science to explain.

Tuesday - 10/11/16

Students continue their work on the "Candle Ramp" posters with their groups. They draw, explain, use models to clarify their thinking as they work. Students are challenged to add/include academic language to their posters and to make sure they have included language from the "Summary Table" connections they have previously made.

Wednesday - 10/12/16

Summative Quiz Part 1 - Students will use Chromebooks to answer selected response questions about chemical and physical change of matter.

Thursday - 10/13/16 

Summative Quiz Part 2 - Students will answer short answer questions related to chemical and physical change.

Friday - 10/14/16

No School for Students - Parent & Teacher & Student Conferences held during school hours.