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Weekly Update - 10/17-10/21

Monday - 10/17

Set up an on-going investigation into density - Densi-Tee. Students will keep track of data for the next two weeks and be responsible for processing and evaluating the outcomes, according to criterion C, for a summative grade.

Tuesday - 10/18

Notes on density and how to calculate the density of materials. Students will get a chance to use the graduated cylinders and triple beam balances in class to find volume and mass. In-class work will include time to compute density, mass, and volume using the density triangle.

Wednesday - 10/19

Criterion D - Reflecting on the impacts of science - Students will read an article about how science is being used to address an issue or problem. They will use a form to complete the task of reflecting on how this use of science impacts people.

Thursday - 10/20

In-class lab. Students will work on gathering data about the density of water. They will change the volume of the water, measure its mass and compute density according to what they learned on Tuesday of this week. They will keep track of their data sheet for Friday's processing and evaluating the data.

Friday - 10/21

Students will process the data from Thursday's lab by creating a graph in class and writing a conclusion to answer the testable question. This will be another practice of criterion C.