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Weekly Update - 10/24 - 10/28

Check here for this week's topics of study!

Monday, October 24 - Students will continue their study of density by finding the density of a saltwater solution. They will compare results from this investigation with those found in the fresh water density investigation from last week. Students will graph and write about their results.

Tuesday, October 25 - Students will finish up graphing and writing results from the fresh water and saltwater density investigations. We will then discuss how we can find the volume of an irregularly shaped solid. We will find the volume of the golf ball used in our "Densi-Tee" investigation, measure its mass, and calculate its density. Students will receive a homework assignment that will be due on Thursday. 

Wednesday, October 26 - Students will be completing a survey in science classes. No regular science lessons will be taught. Homework from Tuesday's class will be collected on Thursday!

Thursday, October 27 - Students will work on changing the mass of a solid (rectangular prism) and calculating the density of their object. Students will be answering a testable question through this investigation. They will use the triple beam balances and electric scales in class. Homework will be collected.

Friday, October 28 - Students will graph and write up a scientific explanation for the "Densi-Tee" investigation that we started on Monday, October 17. They will interpolate data on their graphs and discuss what they know about density of fresh water, saltwater, and the golf ball to explain the results of the study. Students will also complete a short, selected response quiz on density, using the Chrome books.