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Weekly Update - 10/3-10/7

Check here for this week's topics of study!

Monday - 10/3/16

New Seats!

Chemical Change - Burning Candle - Students write investigation to answer scientifically testable question. 

Fill in "Summary Table" for investigation and lesson from last Thursday. 

Exit Ticket: Criterion D - Science of fighting fire

Tuesday - 10/4/16

3 investigations into the motion of molecules. Students conduct 3 mini-investigations into how molecules respond to increases and decreases in kinetic energy.

Fill in "Summary Table" to capture essential learning components. 

Wednesday - 10/5/16

Graphing the effect of kinetic energy on states of matter, using graphing strategy "SPLAT!"

Summary Table!

Vocabulary for different states of matter and the names for the changes of state. 

Thursday - 10/6/16

PhEt simulation - States of Matter - Effects of heat energy on the motion of molecules. Conceptual model critique.

Summary Table!

Friday - 10/7/16

Drawing conceptual models of solids, liquids, and gases. Summary Table!

Students work in collaborative groups to draw and explain the happenings of the "Candle Slide" before, during, and after the main event.