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Weekly Update - 10/31-11/4

Check here for this week's topics of study!

Monday - 10/31 - Students will be working with the PhET simulation on density on the Chrome Books in class. The assignment and link to the simulation can both be found on the Google Classroom page. This assignment is a great review for our quiz, Tuesday, 11/1.

Tuesday - 11/1 - Students will be taking a summative quiz on density during the first portion of class. They will complete a Criterion D response to an article about Elements of the Periodic Table during the second part of class. Students introduced to the various projects they have to choose among for their Unit projects. 

Wednesday - 11/2 - Students will be working on an investigation (Criterion B) about one of the most important properties of the water molecule. They will run the investigation in class and analyze their results.

Thursday - 11/3 - Properties of water - Investigation Stations. Students will move among different stations that demonstrate key properties of water.

Friday - 11/4 - Properties of water - Students work on an investigation into the surface tension of water. They work on Criterion B - setting up the investigation, based on the materials that they are provided and the learning they did the previous day during the investigation stations.