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Weekly Update - 11/7-11/10

Check here for this week's topics of study!

All students should be working on their Unit 1 Projects. Copies of the project description pages can be found at the bottom of this Weekly Update.

Monday - Students will finish watching a video from Friday and taking notes on the water cycle. They will receive back several summative assessments from the past week and a half (quiz, graph, conclusion, hypothesis). These will be entered into their science notebooks and used to complete a reflection tool. Finally, we will play a game to review Density concepts one more time. All students need to bring ear buds or headphones to class on Tuesday!

Tuesday  - Students will work on Discovery Education, learning about Chemical and Physical change. They will view video, complete interactive games, and read text to answer questions comparing and contrasting chemical and physical change. They will also complete worksheets that provide additional practice distinguishing between these two essential changes to matter.

Wednesday - Students will review the periodic table with a reading that introduces students to the elements that are found in their cell phones. They will read this and complete a map that shows where the elements can be found around the world.

Thursday - Students will complete a summative Criterion D reflection about the impact of science, concerning the elements found in their cell phones. 

Friday - No School - Veterans' Day Holiday