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Weekly Update - 12/5-12/9

Check here for this week's topics of study!

Monday - 12/5 - Students will read their choice of articles from the "Science World" magazine. They will complete Criterion D tasks about their chosen articles and turn these in for assessment scores.

Tuesday - 12/6 - Students will receive back their assessments from the first unit. We will go over the answers, as a class. Students will set up their science writing folder, putting their summative CER writing from last week into this folder. Students will also spend time writing cards for "Colorado Gives Day" to active military overseas. We will attend the student play during period 5.

Wednesday - 12/7 - Students will receive their new progress monitioring sheets, assess their understanding of our new unit's targets. They will set goals for themselves. They will also receive another "Summary Table" for our work over the days prior to the winter holiday break.

Thursday - 12/8 - Kick off the "Earth's Systems Unit" with an activity and questions about models and how we know what is inside of something that we are unable to open.

Friday - 12/9 - Earthquakes - types of waves and what they tell us about Earth's interior. Notes and role play investigation.