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Weekly Update - 9/19-9/23

Check here for this week's topics of study!

Monday - 9/19

Introducing our new unit! Students receive their quizzes from Friday about the scientific process. They add to their answers to improve their understanding of the process. They will also receive copies of the 4 Criteria against which they will be assessed this year in MYP. Finally, students will assess their own understanding of 4 targets for our learning in our new unit: Matter, Energy, Change.

Tuesday - 9/20

Students will watch and describe what they see happening during a demonstration. This paper will be collected as a Pre-test of their understanding of important concepts for this unit, and their ability to apply their understanding to evaluate what is causing the result they observe. 

Wednesday - 9/21

Coloring the Periodic Table based on Properties of the different element groups. Students are assigned to different groups to present elements and shade them differently according to a text they add to their science notebooks. As groups present, all students add to the coloring on their periodic tables. 

Thursday - 9/22

Investigation: Building Molecule Models - Students put atoms together to form models of molecules using physical and conceptual models. They build several molecules using marshmallows, then draw and analyze them in their notes. Students learn about bonds between atoms, elements, and compounds.

Friday - 9/23

Investigation continued: Building Molecule Models using PhET - Students put atoms together to form molecules using a simulation on the computers. They add to their data tables to show differences among molecules, working on their understanding of elements vs. compounds. Students add a "Tree Map" to their science notebooks to break down different types of matter - pure substances and mixtures. Students are responsible for knowing about elements and compounds.