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Weekly Update - 9/26-9/30

Check here for this week's topics of study!

Monday - 9/26

Wrap up the Building Molecule Models investigations from Thursday and Friday of last week. Reflect on our learning using our "Summary Table" (to be introduced in class on Monday and added to student notebooks). Students will write answers to conclusion questions and consider which Learner Profile they were using most in their work on building and using models to understand molecules.

Tuesday - 9/27

Demonstration of Molecular interactions - Chemical Change - Students will be making observations and adding learning to their Summary Tables. 

Wednesday - 9/28

Formative Quiz on the Periodic Table, Atoms, and Molecules. Students will also re-assess their understanding on their Progress Monitorin Sheet in their science notebooks. 

Thursday - 9/29

Criterion D has to do with the impact of science on society. Students will practice taking on this perspective with a choice of articles and a protocol for examining how science affects societies.

Friday - 9/30 

Field Trip! Students will not have regular science classes due to scheduling limitations brought on by our trip off campus. Other activities will be planned for students back at Century before and after the trip.