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Weekly Update - Jan. 17-20, 2017

Tuesday - January 17 - Plotting volcanoes along tectonic plate boundaries. More details can be found for this activity on Mrs. Stelling's class calendar. 

Wednesday - January 18 - Students reflect on their progress on Student Progress Monitoring Sheets after receiving back their CERs about Alfred Wegener's theory of Continental Drift. They also receive back their exit tickets from Friday's class with feedback on each question. Students take notes about the different types of plate boundaries and different types of volcanoes.

Thursday - January 19 - Students carry out an investigation into what causes convection in the Earth's mantle using heated water as as the source of energy (Earth's core) and water as representative of the Earth's mantle. They will be able to visualize the motion of convection using food coloring. (Criterion B)

Friday - January 20 - Students will be watching a video to learn about the different types of volcanoes that occur around the world and what makes them similar/different from each other.