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Weekly Update - Nov. 14-18

Check here for what is happening in class this week!

Monday - 11/14

Students are taking part 1 (of 3 total parts) of their Unit assessment. This is done through our Google Classroom page. Remaining time in class has students using a PhET simulation on "Concentrations" to investigate how solutions can be changed as solute or solvent is added, what it means for solutions to be "saturated," and why water will "hold" more of some kinds of substance than others. 

Tuesday - 11/15

Projects DUE!!! Students turn in projects. In-class Gallery Walk for students to observe, offer feedback, and assess each others' work on the projects.

Wednesday - 11/16

Return work and assess where we are in the unit's targets. Students will receive back grades on their part 1 assessments, graphs, and article response sheets. They will use these to mark their Student Progress Monitoring Sheets in their science notebooks, prior to taking part 2 of the Unit assessment on Thursday. Students will have time in class to review and prepare for that written assessment.

Thursday - 11/17

Students will take part 2 of the Unit assessment. This portion of the test is written, so they will be writing on paper to demonstrate their deep understanding of important unit targets. 

Friday - 11/18

Field Trip to see "Dr. DooLittle" in Northglenn.