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Weekly Update - Nov. 28-Dec. 1

Check here for what is happening in class this week!

Monday 11/28 - Students conduct an investigation into the conservation of matter during a physical change in a closed system. They write conclusions and turn them in for Summative Criterion C.

Tuesday 11/29 - Students collaboratively read about the Russell Glacier in Greenland and discuss scientific tools that are being used to track the meltwater from that glacier. They fill in a graphic organizer to use to construct a Claim Evidence Reasoning paragraph to answer the question: "How is science used to keep track of the meltwater from the Russell Glacier?"

Wednesday 11/30 - Students write their CER paragraphs from Tuesday's reading. They turn in all paperwork from this lesson as a Criterion D, Summative. Students in some classes work on making observations of rocks. Homework goes home with students to review chemical and physical changes for Friday's assessment.

Thursday 12/1 - Students conduct an investigation into how chemical and physical properties of rocks can be used to identify them. They use 8 total rocks in a rock kit and a flow chart as procedures to collect evidence that helps them idenitify rocks. 

Friday 12/2  - Students take a selected response part and written part of an assessment to finish Unit 1 on Matter. These will be entered as Criterion A Summative Assessment scores in Infinite Campus/Portal.