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6th Grade - DaVinci

Welcome to The Da Vinci Core! We hope you are staying healthy!

Family letter about GO GUARDIAN software use on school accounts click here   (August 2021)

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Due to recent events Adams 12 is utilizing remote learning. This site will be updated as we receive more information. So to do your school work you'll need daily access to the internet & an Electronic device and check back here as needed.

  • Where is the classroom now? Where are the Resources?
    • Schoology, Infinite Campus for Grades, Big Ideas Math website, Discovery Techbook, your school email, & our Core Calendar on this website!
    • I'd say the Core Calendar & Schoology are the most important places to check.  
  • When will stuff be posted?
    • We won't all update at the same time & we all have different office hours. See the core calendar to stay up-to-date on those events.
  • Attendance policies
    • District attendance policies apply.  See district emails & student handbook.
  • Grading policies
    • We are following district grading policies.
    • For the most part, this hasn't changed from what is listed on your Syllabi.
    • Check Infinite Campus frequently.
  • Office hours
    • Check the Core Calendar & schoology for the most up-to-date hours.

6th Grade - DaVinci Classrooms

Mr. Bohannon's Class

Subject: Individuals & Societies
Welcome to the study of the Western Hemisphere: Canada, Central and South America The sixth grade Individuals and Societies curriculum lends itself to engaging students intellectually, personally, emotionally, and socially.  The inquiry...

Mrs. Greenberg's Class

Subject: Math
Welcome to Da Vinci Math!!!   (click here, then hit PRESENT in top right corner) Math Syllabus   Please see your student's schoology course.  Each day students will need to log into Schoology and click on your Math class during the time...

Mr. White's Class

Subject: English
At the end of sixth grade students will be able to read, comprehend, and analyze increasingly complex texts independently and proficiently. Students will be able to read like a writer and routinely produce clear and coherent text for a range of...