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7th Grade - Atomic Classrooms

Mrs. Cox's Class (7th)

Subject: Math
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Einstein Hello students and parents!  Welcome to math class! We will be using this page to post important general information related to class. FYI Students have...

Mr. Jones' Class (7th)

Subject: Individuals & Societies
Current Event Sources New York Times ABC News CBS News NBC News Fox News Washington Post Time Magazine Newsweek Magazine CNN Reuters News Service USA Today BBC

Mrs. O'Hagan's Class (7th)

Subject: English
IBMYP Level 2 Langauge & Literature  (Grade 7) focuses on integrating students reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to produce effective communicators.  Students will read a variety of genres of complex texts, learning to evaluate...

Mr. Schmidt's Class (7th)

Open your eyes
Subject: Science
7th grade science "Stuff" below..... All About Me 7th grade syllabus From Bacteria To Plants                                                         Intro to plants Cells and Heredity...