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Colo"Radical" Weekly Reflection

Colorado Student's Weekly Reflections

Colorado Core is committed to excellence in academics and some days we have friends and teachers that help us to understand a tough concept or help to keep us on track.  Students reflect on this topic once a week and share their responses.  

I want to thank... (student responses):

1. "I want to thank Lorenzo, he helped me in math."

2. "Jacob helped me in science."

3. "I thank Madison L because she helped me with a math questions and helped me understand it."

4. "Hunter for helping me with my locker."

5. "Ricky because he helped me catch up on my missing work."

6. "Mrs. Stratton helped me not be afraid to speak in class."

My Favorite Academic Part of the Week (student responses):  

1.  "getting gummies in Math"

2.  "doing the NFL with my team and all trying to work together to find the answer"

3.  "doing the 'escape box' in Math"

4.  "Those Three Wishes" in Language Arts.  I like being adventurous.  

5.  "being able to draw parts of the geologic timeline in Science, it is more interesting than notes"

My Goal for Next Week (student responses):

1.  "to get ALL my work done"

2.  "to expand my knowings in all subjects"

3.  "to finish or get half way in a book"

4.  "to stay positive so I can enjoy school"

5.  "to try to take more risks and raise my hand"

I Think My Teachers Should Know (student responses):  

1.  "that I really enjoy this core"

2.  "that they do a great job trying to hold our attention and relate to us"

3.  "that I love all my classes"

4.  "I'm struggling with homework on Wednesdays"

5.  "that I'm grateful for all they do, I appreciate them"