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7th Grade - Rocky Mountain

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Core! We're so excited to be your teachers this year!

Contact us! 

Mrs. Colston-

Science Study Sessions- Tuesdays after school by appointment 

Mrs. Burdick-

Math Study Sessions- Every day at lunch (first semester ONLY) except Tuesdays 

Mrs. Watkins-

Social Studies Study Sessions- Before school on Fridays with a pass from the teacher

Ms. Ross-

Language Arts Study Sessions- Tuesdays  7:30AM-8:15AM with a pass from the teacher

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7th Grade - Rocky Mountain Classrooms

Ms. Burdick's Class

Subject: Math
Do the math! Let's just forget the "M" word and call it PROBLEM-SOLVING! Everyone solves problems in their own ways and we celebrate it. So, welcome to our class, bring your ideas and we can solve these problems together!  I'm available for ...

Ms. Colston's Class

Subject: Science
Enter my room with an Observant Mind... I believe in getting kids outside to learn about Science! We live an an amazing state with beautiful scenery and sunny weather so why not be outside as much as possible? :)  Rocky Mountain has a year-...

Ms. Ross' Class

Subject: Language & Literature
Lets keep it simple. Respect my time, match my effort, keep your word, always be honest. Hello class! I hope you are ready for a great year of reading fabulous texts! Remember, my study sessions are Tuesday mornings at 7:30-8:15AM by...

Mrs. Watkins' Class

Subject: Individuals & Societies
Coming Soon Hammurabis code game! Ancient civilizations game Study games for World Map assessment  Game 1- Oceans and Continents Game 2- Pizza delivery latitude and longitude Game 3- Putting it all together