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7th Grade - Rocky Mountain

Welcome to OUR Rocky Mountain Core! We're so excited to be spend the next school year with you! Let's do this thing and have this be your BEST year EVER! 

As we head into this school year, we wanted to give you a little bit of information to help you be successful. 

Each of our classes will be using Schoology to provide instruction and resources.  Schoology will also be a resource for familes and students to view class calendars, assignment information, and more.  Please refer to each of your student's class Schoology pages daily to be informed and ready for success!

We are dedicated to teaching our students to their full potential and look forward to meeting the challenges of this year!

More than anything we hope you and your families stay healthy and happy!

-Ms. Colston, Ms. Watkins, Ms. Worosylo, and Ms. Swain

**Students and families, as we return to school, please familiarize yourself with your STUDENT HANDBOOK . IT is YOUR responsiblity to know these policies as we uphold our school policies. **

You may be asking, "How does my student access his/her Schoology classrooms?"  Below, you will find a video attached that you and your student can view together to review the steps to accessing Schoology and classes each day.  

How to Access (English version)

How to Access (Spanish version)

Please use the following emails to connect with each of us if you have questions.

Social Studies, Ms. Watkins:

Social Studies Study Sessions: Thursday 8:15-8:45 (student must get a pass from teacher to enter building early!)

Language Arts, Mrs. Worosylo: 

Language Arts Study Sessions: Tuesdays at Lunch (students must get a pass from the teacher to attend)  

Math,  Ms. Swain:

Math Study Sessions: Monday 8:30-9:00 am by appointment (students will need to have an appointment and then wait outside door F111, if a student is late they will need to reschedule!)  

Science, Ms. Colston:

Science Study Sessions: Thursdays at Lunch (students must get a pass from the teacher to attend)

Please check the core calendar to the left and Infinite Campus regularly to ensure your child is up to date on assignments. This calendar is subject to change and is based on instruction.​

Infinite Campus is used for grades and attendance purposes. To see what your child is doing daily, check the core calendar and schoology.

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7th Grade - Rocky Mountain Classrooms

Ms. Colston's Class

Subject: Science
Enter my room with an Observant Mind... I believe in getting kids outside to learn about Science! We live an an amazing state with beautiful scenery and sunny weather so why not be outside as much as possible? :)  Rocky Mountain has a year-...

Ms. Swain's Class

Subject: Math
Mathematics in its pure state is the poetry of logic "Do not worry about your difficulities in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." ~ Albert Einstein...

Mrs. Watkins' Class

Subject: Individuals & Societies
HERE are some helpful Tips for success: -Success in 7th grade! -Using schoology efficently - getting help -TeChnOloGy problems! 

Mrs. Worosylo's Class

Subject: Language & Literature
Hello 7th Graders and Families! I am excited to be a part of your year here at Century Middle School!  Our time together will be spent diving into opportunities to read a variety of texts and enrich our own writing processes! Keep yourself...