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Civil War Reenactment Information

The 2018 Civil War Reenactment Will Take Place On April 26th At Lake Village Park.

We will be reenacting the Battle of Chickamauga.  Here is a link with some excellent background information on this battle.

If you have misplaced your permission slip, you can find it attached below.  Please make sure to attach a printed receipt with it if paying the fee on PFI.

Civil War 2018 Reenactment FAQs

The Civil War Reenactment is right around the corner and the students are busy with preparations!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO.  Film Day is Thursday, April 26th at Lake Village Park. The park is located at 128th Ave and Fillmore Ct.

Just a friendly reminder that Civil War Permission Slips AND Student Contracts need to turned in by April 6th.  If you have already turned these in please accept my thanks!

Battle: Chickamauga

When: Film Day is Thursday, April 26, 2016. Training takes place at CMS on April 23-25, 2017

Where: Lake Village Park – 120th  and Fillmore Ct. in Thornton.

Times:   Students will arrive about 9:00AMish and leave about 3:00PM. We will be back to school for buses in plenty of time.

Fee: $40.00 payable via

Lunch: Bring a HUGE sack lunch or Subway Deal. The sign up link is HERE, last day to order is Friday, April 20th. Lunch time is solely at the director’s discretion and based on his film shooting schedule.  We are at his mercy, so to speak. Students will also need to bring at least two bottles of water. More information is at the bottom.

Can parents come to view?   YES. There will be a viewing area for the public. Movement is restricted, though. We don’t want Mom and Dad with the baby carriage in the background of the movie.

Student responsibility: Dark or light colored jeans (depending on the North or South) and DARK shoes (regardless of side) work best for the movie.  Civil War soldiers did not have fluorescent shoe strings and tennis shoes!

VOLUNTEERS - Here is a link to sign up to volunteer.

If you can help, please complete the google form. Feel free to contact me at with any questions.


If you have a chance to stop by, please feel free to do so! There is a "viewing area" but the director, Mr. Osburn, is very good about allowing you to come forward to get closer shots, but that is at his discretion. Having a person standing in the background taking a picture won't look good in the movie. :-)


Girls - please do not send them to school on Film Day (April 27) with eye makeup. With all of the flour and dust in the air along with a little sweat, the flour quickly cakes up in the eyes and it HURTS!

For anyone with contacts, if your child can go without contacts, please consider this as well. Once again, the flour and dust are just brutal on the eyes this day. Glasses are OK.


We usually have a friendly competition with the other cores for the core with the most facial hair. Eyeliner as beards, fake beards, etc are awesome. Obviously, this is not required. Fake blood is awesome in the movie as well. It just helps add a little authenticity to the day. Please don't go out and spend tons of money on this stuff.


These are provided by Mr. Osburn and considered safe for our purposes. Don't go out and spend money on caps for the pistols and rifles. Safety is paramount...that's why we use You Can Live History's props. They have been doing this a long time and know what props/pyrotechnics are safe.


Don't go out and buy dark boots or anything new. Dark shoes/tennis shoes are great but fluorescent shoelaces don't look good in the movie as well as Nike swooshes, Adidas stripes, etc. You get the drift. A simple and inexpensive fix is to make "gators" from an old pair of dark socks. Cut the toe out of the socks and slip them over the shoe. The park does look fairly dry so while there is always mud and dirt to deal with it, it doesn't look too bad.


No shorts allowed on film day. If your child's group is part of the Confederacy, the lightest color blue jean or tan, they have will be fine. If you child is part of the Union, please send them with darker colored jeans on Film Day. Dark boots/shoes with little insignia design is best.  "Gaiters" are always a good option if needed. Take an old dark sock, cut out the toes/heel and slip over the shoe. LEGGINGS are not permitted. 


Yes, we still have to abide by dress code on this day. At the park, we will turn in uniforms at the park. We sometimes have some problems with ladies wearing their spaghetti straps under their uniforms. Please don't send your child to school with spaghetti straps, inappropriate sayings on T-shirts, sagging pants, etc. Thanks.


Please understand that as we make our movie, there is some downtime but students need to remain with their companies for filming and organizational purposes.


If you would like to make some hardtac it is always fun for the kids to experience what soldiers had to munch on during battles. You can find various recipes online. You know you've followed the correct recipe if it's as hard as a rock!


If your child is big lunch eater or not...think double the size for lunch. They will be hungry! Also remember to send two bottles of water with their name on each for breaks. We will have plenty of water to refill but this will get them started and make our morning breaks go much smoother.

Remember, lunch is at the director's discretion  and the film schedule. If you plan on bringing your child's lunch sometime during the day and having lunch with them, please know that I can't give you a specific time. If you would like to drop it off, feel free to do so. Make sure your child's name and HISTORY PERIOD are clearly marked on the bag so we know which bin to place it in.

SUBWAY PRE-ORDER  - We will be offering pre-ordered subs from Subway that will be delivered to the park on Film Day (April 27).   Students may choose to purchase a 6" Subway sandwich, chips, cookie, drink from the Subway stand for $5.00. Choice of sandwiches are Ham, Cold Cut, or Turkey.  These are premade so there is no "made to order" option. Students on Free/Reduced lunch - no the school does not pick this cost up. Students will need to provide their own water bottle though. No soft drinks are available for purchase at the park.  Please send your student with exact cash. Here is a link to the form. Remember, this is only for Film Day.


In case of rain/snow, we will obviously reschedule the film day. Usually the next day, Friday the 28th. However, we have had to wait until the following week know... it is Colorado. I will keep you updated via this method and via and all call from school if the weather is just not suitable. Remember, safety is paramount.  Again, the park looks FANTASTIC so I don't think there is too much to worry about here.

WHEW! I know this is a lot of's a big day. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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