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8th Grade - Atomic Classrooms

Mrs. Cox's Class (8th)

Subject: Math
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Einstein Hello students and parents!  Welcome to math class! We will be using this page to post important general information related to class. FYI Students have...

Mr. Jones' Class (8th)

Subject: Individuals & Societies
8th Grade Individuals and Societies (American History) 8th Grade MYP Individuals and Societies Please remember that all assessment scores of less than "3" must be re-tested or revised. See Mr. Jones if you do not know when you may re-...

Mrs. O'Hagan's Class (8th)

Subject: English
Good is the enemy of great. -Jim Collins IBMYP Level 3 Langauge & Literature  (Grade 8) focuses on integrating students reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to produce effective communicators.  Students will read a variety of...

Mr. Schmidt's Class (8th)

Subject: Science
Welcome to 8th grade Science! Open your eyes to the science all around you. All About Me 8th Grade Science "Stuff" Below..... 8th grade syllabus Most Vocaublary for 8th grade science PhET Simulation "Energy SkatePark Basics"...