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6th Grade - Galileo

Greetings and welcome to our Galileo Parents/Guardians,

As we approach Remote Learning on Wednesday April 1, 2020 please be assured that the Galileo Core Teachers are each eager to reconnect with our students.  We are already working on presenting our content, we are currently learners as well as teachers. Most importantly, we want them to feel the ability to look forward.  Being productive is an important part of an indidual's mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Looking forward, 

Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Brask, Ms. Harrison, and Ms. Wilson

Virtual "Online" Learning:

Due to recent events Adams 12 is utilizing remote learning through the rest of the Adams12 school year.  So to do your school work you'll need daily access to the internet & an Electronic device.

  • Where is the classroom now? Where are the Resources?
    • Google Classroom, Infinite Campus for Grades, Big Ideas Math website, Discovery Techbook, your school email, & our Core Calendar on this website!
    • I'd say the Core Calendar & Google classroom are the most important places to check.   
  • When will stuff be posted?
    • We won't all update at the same time & we all have different office hours. See the core calendar & Google Classroom to stay up-to-date on those events.
    • Math will make assignments available on Monday.   Students finish by Friday at midnight.   Grades posted by following Monday when possible.   Office Hours are for help with your independent work.
  • Attendance policies
    • District attendance policies apply. If you don't turn in work on-time or consistently, it will count as you not attending.
  • Grading policies
    • We are following district grading policies.
    • For the most part, this hasn't changed from what is listed on your Syllabi.
    • Check Infinite Campus frequently.
  • Office hours
    • Check below

Galileo Office Hours:


Mondays: 1-3pm, Tuesdays: 9-10 am & 4-5pm, Wednesdays: 10-12pm, Thursdays:  9-10am & 4-5pm, Fridays:  1-3pm (or by appointment any day)


Mondays - Fridays:  9-10am & 1-2pm


Mondays: 1-3pm, Tuesdays:  12-2pm, Wedesdays:  4-6pm, Thursdays:  12-2pm, Fridays:  4-6pm (or by appointment any day)


Mondays: 10-12pm, Tuesdays: 10-12pm, Wedesdays:  8-9am & 2-3pm, Thursdays:  10-12pm, Fridays:  7-8am & 1-2pm

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6th Grade - Galileo Classrooms

Mrs. Anderson's Class

Subject: Math
"Math teachers are pirates and they just want us to find X so they can find the treasure!" Welcome to Mrs. Anderson's classroom website!  I hope this is easy for you to use and to find all the information that you need! Contact me if you have...

Mr. Brask's Class

Subject: Individuals & Societies
Bring it on Western Hemisphere! Hey there. We are looking into the western hemisphere in 6th grade social studies this year. There will be lot's of maps and images about physical geography and different cultures! Get ready to start looking at...

Miss Harrison's Class

Classroom Bookshelf
Subject: English
Welcome back! Galileo students — I hope you enjoyed a restful spring break. I miss seeing all of you, and I'm sure you miss seeing each other. We're lucky to have great tools like Zoom, which will give us the chance to see each other while we'...

Ms. Wilson's Class

Subject: Science
We are the only obstacles to our success, go forth and conquer! Students, Parents/Guardians, As of April 1, 2020 we begin Remote Learning, new for experience for all of us. I am aware that change often brings both excitement and anxiety.  I...

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