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Mr. Sharrow's Class

Individuals & Societies, Language & Literature

Welcome to our Virtual Learning Classroom!

Check the Core/Class Calendar daily, and check Google Classroom daily.  We will be submitting all assignments through Google Classroom.

We will be learning most of our content in Discovery Education and showing what we have learned by submitting all assignments/assessments in Google Classroom.

Login in to Discovery Ed.   You are able to access Discovery Ed on personal computers/devices.  You will be using Discovery Ed. on a daily basis.           User= school email            Password= century

Office hours= Monday through Friday 10am-11am and 1pm-2pm.  Available through email, Google Classroom, or Google Chat.  I will also be checking email throughout the day, but these are guaranteed times I can be in immediate contact.

Attendance= Will be based on the assignments/assessments that you turn in for the week in Google Classroom.  Emails and contact made in the week will also let me know you are participating in the weekly coursework.

Grading=  I will continue to use the 1-8 grading scale.

Stay safe and healthy!

 Sixth grade social studies is the study of history, geography, the economics and political makeup of the western hemisphere.  Students should be able to analyze, use primary sources and geographic tools to provide a base for social studies curriculum exploration.