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Mr. Sharrow's Class

Individuals & Societies

Welcome to our Virtual Learning Classroom!  We are going to have an amazing year!

To access live class- once in the Student Portal (bottom right of Centurys' Webpage) on the Dashboard you will see Google Meet.  Click Google Meet and enter the nickname Sharrow1, Sharrow2, Sharrow3, or Sharrow4 depending on which hour you have me.  Or, when you are in your school email, in the upper right corner there is a "9 dot waffle", and if you click that you can see the icon for Google Meet, click it and type in "nickname" sharrow1, sharrow2, sharrow3, or sharrow4 depending on which hour you have me.  You can also access the live class when you are in Schoology.  I have been putting the live link in there daily.

Check Schoology daily.  We will be submitting all assignments through Schoology.   Once in the Student Portal (bottom right of Centurys' Webpage) on the Dashboard you will see the Schoology icon, click that to gain access to all your classes.

We will be learning our content through Discovery Education. We will show what we have learned by submitting all assignments/assessments into Schoology.

Login into Discovery Ed.  Once you are in the Student Portal (bottom right of Centurys Webpage) in the Dashboard you will see a Discovery Ed icon.   If it does not take you directly to it, use the info below.  You will be using Discovery Ed. on a daily basis.           User= school email            Password= century 

Attendance= Will be taken within the first 15 minutes of class.

Grading= IBMYP 1-8 Criterion Rubric.  All grades will be posted in Infinite Campus.  Check there for all grade updates.  

Office Hours= Wednesday 12-1pm.  Send me an email and I will send you a live google meet link.

Stay safe and healthy!

 Sixth grade social studies is the study of history, geography, the economics and political makeup of the western hemisphere.  Students should be able to analyze, use primary sources and geographic tools to provide a base for social studies curriculum exploration.