Subject: Spanish - Grade(s): 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

Learn Another Language: Make a New Friend!

Bienvenidos! My name is Mrs. Beth Mason, and I teach Spanish at Century Middle School. In Spanish I, we will be concentrating upon everyday vocabulary, basic conversations, simple language conventions, and a broader understanding of culture. It is my hope that by studying a foreign language, students will come to understand their own native language better.  We will be partaking in celebrating  El Dia de Los Difuntos, a World Language Festival, and  Cinco de Mayo. As an IB school, this course will broaden students' horizons by becoming more open-minded, more communicative, and more reflective as students examine another language and culture.

It is also my hope while teaching eighth grade Spanish to have students become fully prepared for Spanish I at the high school level.... or for them to work at such a high level that they test out of  Spanish I and are recommended for Spanish II at the high school level. This is up to individual students' progress.

"Those who know nothing of foreign language know nothing of their own."--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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