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Google Earth

Google Earth: 

Since its release in 2005, Google Earth has become a valuable resource. Far from being a novelty, its detailed satellite photography has a variety of practical applications. For example, Google can use its data to scan for deforestation, possible food shortages, and the contents of oil tankers to attempt to predict gas prices, writes Cade Metz of Wired.

The Cardboard team has recently revealed a project called Google Expeditions. Aimed at students, it will bridge Cardboard and Google Earth to allow students to experience virtual environments all over the world.

Moore said:

It’s not just for fun and gaming. It can give people a more immersive understanding of the planet– places that matter and places that are changing.

Combining the power of Google Earth’s detailed photography and record-keeping with the engaging new virtual reality technology will open up a variety of research and educational opportunities.

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