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Accentuate the Negative


This unit focuses on Integers (negative numbers) and Rationals (Fraction/Decimals with negatives) - comparing, ordering, number lines, opposites, absolute value, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and using coordinate graphs

The second half focuses on the Order of Operations and the Distributive Property.

Introduction to Unit (A Letter with Important Concepts and Examples)

Mathematical Highlights

Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Investigations:

Investigation 1 - Extending the Number Line           Homework Help           Practice Quiz           Video Links:               1.  Representing Situations with Integers

              2.  Comparing and Ordering Integers Using Absolute Value or a Number Line

TEXTBOOK PAGES!!!   Investigation 1 pp 16-21

Investigation 2  - Adding and Subtracting Integers
             Homework Help

             Practice Quiz
             Video Links:
                  1.  Adding Integers using a Number Line
                  2.  Subtracting Integers                  3.  Subtracting Integers to Solve Problems                  4.  Naming Coordinates                  5.  Graphing Points in the Coordinate Plane TEXTBOOK PAGES!!!   Investigation 2 pp 32-41
Investigation 3 - Multiplying and Dividing Integers             Homework Help             Practice Quiz             Video Links:                  1.  Multiplying Integers                  2.  Dividing Integers                  3.   Dividing Integers to Solve Problems

              TEXTBOOK PAGES!!!   Investigation 3 pp 50-59
Investigation 4 - Properties of Operations                Homework Help                Practice Quiz                Video Links:
                  1.  Using the Order of Operations with Grouping Symbols                   2.  Using the Distributive Property - Example 1                   3.   Using the Distributive Property - Example 2 TEXTBOOK PAGES!!!   Investigation 4 pp 69-75
WEBSITES FOR PRACTICE< PLAY<REVIEW<STUDY< Songs<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Comparing and Ordering Integers/Number lines   Line Jump game -       Coordinate Graphing with Integers   (content notes)   (quiz yourself)   (game)   (game)

      Black and Red Chip Sites   Adding Integers Websites   Subtracting Integers Websites Multiplying Integers Websites     Dividing Integers Websites  (lessons, games, quizzes, practice...)  value/mult_div_negatives/e/multiplying_and_dividing_negative_numbers     Add/Subt/Mult/Divide Review   (game)   (flashcard/practice)    (review notes and quizmasters at the bottom)     Order of Operations with Negatives     (practice with instant feedback)  

Order of Operations Lesson  Great examples!

Order of Operation Songs

        PEMDAS, don't STRESS!

        Mr. R's PEMDAS song       PEMDAS STYLE (Gangnam Style Parody) ~ Mister C          PEMDAS LESSON with disco song