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Filling and Wrapping

Modeling geometric figures and relationships leads to informal spatial reasoning and proof.

Apply area, surface area and volume formulas to real world contexts involving both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects.

Introduction to Unit (A Letter with Important Concepts and Examples)

Mathematical Highlights

Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Investigations:

Investigation 1 - Building Boxes             Homework Help             Practice Quiz             Video Links:                  1.  Identifying a Solid from a Net

Investigation 2   - Designing Rectangular Boxes
            Homework Help             Practice Quiz
            Video Links:
                  1.  Finding Surface Area of Prisms Using a Formula
                  2.  Finding the Volume of Prisms   Investigation 3 -  Prisms and Cylinders              Homework Help              Practice Quiz              Video Links:                    1. Finding the Volume of Cylinders                    2.  Finding the Surface Areas of Prisms using a Net   Optional Investigations:
Investigation 4  - Cones, Spheres, and Pyramids   Investigation 5 - Scaling Boxes   Good Resource Website Another good practice website Math Frog Game Jeopardy Game

Quizlet flashcards!

  Which nets make a cube?   Volume of  a Rectangular box   Virtual Box   Cubes   Relationship between surface area and volume   Homework ACE examples   NOTES   ACE answer keys      foldable characters.....also on Edmodo want to see Francisco's?     Hexaflexagons  with Vi Hart How to make a hexaflexagon-   type that youtube and you'll find tons of tutorials

Isometric dot paper and other graph/grid papers link