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Linear Eqs & Proportional Rel


- Identify represent and analyze proportional (y = px) and non-proportional ( y = px + q) linear relationships in mathematical and real world contexts.

- Represent and reason with quantities in mathematical or real world contexts and construct equations/inequalities to solve problems.

Introduction to Unit (A Letter with Important Concepts and Examples)

Mathematical Highlights

Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Investigations:

Investigation 1 - Walking Rates              Homework Help              Practice Quiz
             Video Links:
                  1.  Graphing a Linear Equation using Tables
                  2.  Graphing a Function using a Table

Investigation 2 - Exploring Linear Functions with Graphs and Tables                Homework Help                Practice Quiz
Investigation 3 - Solving Equations
               Homework Help                Practice Quiz
               Video Links:
                  1.  Solving two-step Equations                   2.  Using Deductive Reasoning to Simplify Algebraic Expressions                   3.  Solving Multi-Step Equations by Combining Like Terms                   4.  Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Investigation 4  - Exploring Slope                Homework Help                Practice Quiz                       Video Links:
                      1.  Finding Slope using Rise/Run                       2.  Graphing a Linear Equation using Slope-intercept Form                       3.  Finding slope using Coordinates  


Moving Straight Ahead Investigation 1 Problems 1.1-1.4

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Moving Straight Ahead Investigation 1 ACE Questions

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Moving Straight Ahead Investigation 3 Problems 3.1-3.5

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Moving Straight Ahead Investigation 3 ACE Questions

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Algebraic equation - lessons, videos, and practice for solving equations

Solving 2 step equations lesson & practice.   Khan Academy - Slope of a Line   Interactive Balance Beam - Solving equations   Algebra Tiles to solve equations   Practice Solving Equations step by step   Try the problem, then check the answers   Second Link for checking your answers   Practice Graphing here (especially if you don't have the app!)   Review Jeopardy