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Math History/Art in History

Monday  March 30th - Plan/Create Rubric Day    use this site:

Tuesday March 31st - Write Rough Draft

Wednesday April 1st - Peer Edit/Rubric work

Thursday April 2nd - Final Draft done and shared by Midnight

Friday - Monday April 6th - final print out, artifact ...working on tri fold.....April 9th  is PRESENTATION NIGHT!

RUBRICS (work in progress/draft)


(check back often, as we will add new sites and resources as we go....if you find a great one and want to share your teacher and send them link!)

You have already chosen your Art in History project and its region.   You are going to now use that to create a component for your final presentation.  

(Same as blue handout below)

Art in History- Math Component Name:

You will complete a piece to go along with your Art in History project and presentation.   This will be an assessment score in Criteria C and Criteria D for math.  (Communication ,Identify the relevant elements of the authentic real-life situation)

Based on what project and area you picked, you will include one of the following with your project and presentation.   Your choices are:

  1. Report on a mathematician from that area and time period.

  2. Find a math game from that area, create it and display.

  3. Research the math and art connections in that culture.

  4. Research Pi history in your region.

  5. Make a display and write a report on the ancient numeric system in that area.

  6. Report on a major math discovery made in that region.

Each project will have its own instructions


Part 1  - Choose project in Individuals and Societies.   __________________________  

Part 2 - Go online and google your country/region and the word mathematics to see what pops up.   Based on what you CAN find, choose which type of project you would like to do.

Part 3 - Begin research, 2 column notes (add in instructions from Art in History project) Don’t forget RADCAB   (some websites provided to you get you started)

-Create a GOOGLE DOC titled: FirstName Last Name Math History

-Share it with me

-Page 1 - copy and paste websites you want to check out further

-Page 2 - save this for the your final citation page

-Rest - dumping ground for what you find….be sure to include website link for every item you take.   Consider what artifacts you would like to have for your display.  (Quotes, notes, pictures, ideas, etc…)

Resource jump off points:   

Ms. Kitt's - organized by region

Ms Greenberg's - organized by project type (glance to the right =)

Part 4 - Report - final due and shared by Thursday, April 2nd.


Part 5 - Artifact (s)  for presentation  (picture, map, game recreated, research notes, QR presentation or written work, art work example, key facts, etc…)

Part 6 - Final changes and improvements made and added to final display for presentation night.