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Math on the Mall Fieldtrip

Info, paperwork, sites

PAPERWORK AREA   Pay Fees Online  (directions also attached atdown at bottom of this webpage....with permission slip) (please print out receipt of payment and attach to the permission slip)
  Fieldtrip Permission slip  (attached below - was also emailed, and a green hard copy was sent home with student)     CHAPERONE - Volunteer Packet (now linked....)  (old - will be updated for Apr 28th, 2016 soon) Chaperone letter (going home night before, and emailed)   (old version - will be updated for Apr 28th, 2016) STUDENT PLANNING PACKET (blue one)   If lost, student can redo by hand or elect to print a new one at home. with phone script example at bottom    (old version - will be updated for Apr 28th, 2016)  PRESENTATION RUBRIC            EXAMPLES FROM PRIOR TRIPS
MAPS!!!!! MAP   (downtown/16th street mall - restaurant and business locator tool/interactive map) Bus Map     file also attached below Pavilions Directory of Stores   16th Street Mall Information 16th Street Mall Restaurants   (make sure address says "16th Street" )      If you choose a sit down/service restaurant, you will be learning about how to calculate TIPS! 16th Street Mall Restaurants 2 (make sure address says "16th Street")   Second Interactive Map   ( on left side, click on "Categories"   then scroll down to boxes for type of food you want)  

Driving Directions to drop off point....parents will want to find parking near 16th Street Mall and have a meeting spot planned, only if you are not riding with us on the bus.



Tech options for presentations  (online poster)     Create a graph    Make your own trading cards

prezi , google slides, photos, imovie, video clips, interviews, ......suggestions welcome.

THANK YOU LETTER TEMPLATES SITE       More Math Ideas       _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Email sent on April 1, 2016

Good afternoon! 

The Guardian Core will be hosting its annual Urban Day/Math on the Mall trip to Downtown Denver's 16th Street Mall on Thursday, April 28th.    Students will be getting much more information when we get back from spring break.  

Today, I have sent home with your student, a green fieldtrip permission slip, to be returned by FRIDAY APRIL 15th.   The cost is $8.   

I have attached a copy of fieldtrip form to this email.

On the day of trip, students may elect to bring their own lunch, purchase lunch downtown, or order a cafeteria sack lunch.   I will be taking orders after break for cafeteria sack lunches.  

We will need MANY chaperones.   If you would like to join us, please contact me at     Parents who haven't filled out a district volunteer packet, will need to do so before the trip and I can get you that paperwork.   Once we are dropped off at the capitol building, we will be on foot most of the day.   Chaperones are encouraged to ride the bus, and we have ordered extra space for this trip.   Any that decide to drive and meet us down there, will need to consider the parking situation/cost, and may not drive any students to or from the trip.   All students must ride the bus.   Chaperones must be parents or guardians (no older siblings).   

I will be putting all of the fieldtrip forms, letters, packets, and information on my webpage.   (It will be under construction through spring break)

If you have any questions, let me know!  (send separate email...don't reply to this one)

Have a great weekend!

Susan Greenberg



Fostering Independence

Our current 7th grade thought is " working on independence"   As we bridge the paths between elementary and high school years, we are given a unique grade level.   In 6th grade, students are just learning how to navigate the waters - lockers, schedules, supplies, organization, more than one teacher, hallway passing periods....   In 7th, they are we teach them to use what they know, seek and find, and what is your solution?    In 8th grade, they are focused on maturing into students who are ready to hit those high school hallways, and ultimately ready to tackle obstacles, instead of remaining stuck in excuse, blame, indecision, or defeat.       This fieldtrip is one of several experiences that focuses on student led experience and accountability.   It allows the student to plan, execute, fail, replan, execute, and try again, then report out - successes and fails alike.   Instead of being handed the answer, we are learning to explore, expand our curiosity, look for new solutions, and try new paths.     Below are various student or parent found items about independence.....enjoy!   How to Video (warning: some silliness)


Previous trip items (not for fall 2014)
Steve Jobs Secrets of Life    (youtube video)   Da Vinci Items   Online Exhibit   Metropolitan Museum of Art  in New York City         
Museum - Milan, Italy
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