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Welcome Back from Holiday Break!

email that was sent home to parent/guardians and students

Good Evening CMS Parents and Guardian!

We can’t wait to see their post break faces tomorrow!  We will be diving right back in to the swing of things.   At the end of the week, we will take the Winter MAPS to see what kind of progress your student is making in mathematics.   Next week we have two fieldtrips (museum and international town).   After the International Town fieldtrip, that afternoon, we will be having a core celebration to award students and allow students to nominate other students for awards.

Soon you will be seeing a progress mark for your student for Semester 1.   This is a check in point and we are looking for students to be at a Final Mark of 3 or above at this time of the school year.   If they are not quite there, students do have options with retakes and after school help.  Students can still make up math assignments as well.   So this is not a traditional end of semester grade, but an ongoing snapshot of how things look and the gradebook remains open and ongoing until the end of the year.   Students that do not hit the 3 or above by the end of the year will have a “failing” grade, as that student has not reached the 6th grade standards.    (Final Marks are on a 7pt scale after totaling up the four criteria….so

1: 1-5pts    2: 6-9pts    3: 10-14pts   4: 15-18pts   5: 19-23pts   6:  24-27pts    7:28-32pts

Another aspect of this progress snapshot will be the Learner Profile trait scores, based on a scale of 1 to 4.   In math class, students scored themselves and provided either an example or reason behind their score.   For most students, I did honor their score.   At conferences, you are welcome to see the score sheet they filled out and talk about how they did.   At the end of the school year, they will be scored on the other half of the traits.   (4: trait is demonstrated all of the time – 1: trait is rarely demonstrated)

Please check out our grading documents, point systems and information about the traits at this site:

And as always, I want to make sure you know to contact me with any questions, so I extend my invitation and would be happy to help!

Hope the break was restful and good to you!  Happy New Year!

Susan Greenberg (Guardian Core Math –   720-972-3274)