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Proportional Thinking

comparisons to make sense of our world

This unit builds on what they started their 6th grade year on ratios and rates.  We revisit ratio tables and build proportions to solve real world problems.   We will also explore proportional thinking within geometry to determine if shapes are similar.   In follwing units, we will build from this unit and see what proportional relationships look like when we graph them and create equations to make predictions.

We review fractions, decimals and percents.  

                                                                    First half of Unit (Comparing and Scaling)

Introduction to Unit (A Letter with Important Concepts and Examples)

Mathematical Highlights

Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Investigations:

Investigation 1 - Making Comparisons               Homework Help               Practice Quiz               Video Links:                    1.  Writing Ratios in Three Ways
Investigation 2  - Computing Ratios, Percents, and Fractions
             Homework Help              Practice Quiz
             Video Links:
                  1.  Writing Equivalent Ratios

Investigation 3  - Comparing and Scaling Rates               Homework Help               Practice Quiz               Video Links:                   1.  Finding a Unit Rate                   2.  Comparing Unit Rates    
Investigation 4  - Making Sense of Proportions
              Homework Help               Practice Quiz
              Video Links:
                  1.  Identifying Proportions                   2.  Identifying whether two Ratios are Proportional                   3.  Solving Proportions using Number Sense or Mental Math                   4.  Solving Proportions using Cross Products

Basic Notes on Ratio, Rate, and Unit Rate

Unit Rate games

Calculating Tip Steps

Tip chart

Around the World Tipping Etiquette

Penguin Waiter Game

                                                                 2nd half of unit (Stretching and Shrinking)

Introduction to Unit (A Letter with Important Concepts and Examples)

Mathematical Highlights

Vocabulary Quiz

Unit Investigations:

Investigation 1 - Enlarging and Reducing Shapes
            Homework Help             Practice Quiz           Investigation 2 - Similar Figures  
             Homework Help              Practice Quiz
             Video Links:
                  1.  Finding Distances on Maps using Scale
                  2.  Identifying Translations

Investigation 3 - Similar Polygons
             Homework Help              Practice Quiz
Investigation 4 - Similarity and Ratios
            Homework Help             Practice Quiz             Video Links:
                  1.  Using Proportion to Find Unknown Length in Similar Figures

Investigation 5 - Using Similar Triangles and Rectangles
             Homework Help              Video Links:
                      1.  Using Similar Figures to Find Indirect Measurement

                                                    TEXTBOOK PAGES:  STRETCHING AND SHRINKING

Investigation I  
Investigation II  
Investigation III      
Investigation IV      
Investigation V                                                                                                                                                            Some activities you can try on your own to help you :)

Using Similar Triangles to find missing sides tutorial and practice

Examples from another textbook and practice problems

Explanation of Similar figures, corresponding sides and ratios Exploring Similar Figures Corresponding Angles and Sides Tangram Game PBS Geometry Game - Try this one! Circumference Video Golf and Angles Game Reflection/Rotation Golf  

Here are some links for help with geometry :) - Video Tutor

chairs (perimeter)

Perimeter explorer

perimeter/area relationship

area of shapes

using string to estimate circumference of a circle

relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle

area of a circle

Homework examples from covering and surrounding

Geometry Worksheets - make your own geometry worksheets for what you need help with
Nets & 3D figures interactive - make your own 3-d shapes; many other interactive math concepts

Shapes Games

Condensed Study Guide for Stretching and Shrinking  (great for if you were absent or missed any part of wumps)   Mugwump youtube video   A different wumps HAT assignment   Stock the Shelves Coordinate Plane Game   Online Vocabulary Flash Cards Practice   Notes by Investigation - good for help or absences   Investigation Discoveries and pictures   Scale Factor Tool    Transformation Games  
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